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With Virgin Money Spot, you can send cash to your friends, directly from one wallet or bank account to another, using your linked card. Simple, Safe, Social

security features

We’ve drawn from the best industry standards. We’ve created a simple, safe and secure experience with pin-protected payments, fraud prevention measures, data encryption, account notifications, daily and monthly payment limits and account verification checks (including mobile number verification and 3D secure on your card).

data encryption

How does this encryption work? What data are we encrypting?
We encrypt all your bank-related data using the industry’s leading encryption standards. this keeps all your information private and safe. only you and your pin (which only you know and is also encrypted) can transfer money from your account.

Pin-protected payments

Why do we use PINs & how safe are they?
You create a unique pin, like your atm pin, for your spot account. you’ll be asked for it when you transfer money or update sensitive information. for extra security, we hash your pin before saving it to our database so that not even we know what it is.

account notifications

What notifications, when and why?
We send you notifications via email or the mobile app after transactions so you know when a payment has been made or received. you’ll also get a notification email if you change your card details. It’s just an extra security feature.
  • Fee structure

    • download the free app
    • don’t pay a monthly for a subscription fee
    • pay 0% transaction fees on debit & cheque cards
    • pay 0% transaction fees on credit cards
    • don’t pay any transaction fee when you receive funds
  • Refer and earn

    We’ll Spot R30 to everyone who uses your unique referral code when they download and register in the Spot App. You’ll also get R30 once they’ve successfully registered. Just open the app and go to the “Refer & Earn” section in the app menu to get your unique code, where you’ll also find super easy ways to share your code with friends and family.

    Money you earn from referring friends will be available after they’ve successfully registered, in your Spot Wallet in an instant.

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What are the benefits of Virgin Money Spot?

It’s the easiest way to send money to people you know. You can top-up your Spot Wallet and send money instantly to any of your contacts – using just their phone number. It’s the simplest, safest and most social way of sending money in South Africa. What’s more we’ve partnered with some great retailers and websites to make paying for everything you need a breeze by scanning the Spot QR code where it’s available.

How does it work?

Virgin Money Spot lets you pay friends by selecting them from your contact list or entering their phone number. You can pay friends from your Spot Wallet or directly from your linked credit card. All money sent is paid into your friend’s wallet. A Spot Wallet can be cashed-out in whole or in part at any time.

To get started just register and link your online enabled card or bank account. Voila – you can send money to anyone with a South African bank account. You just need their cell phone number.

How do I install the app?

Download it (for mahala) from App Store or Google Play store. Just search for “Virgin Money Spot – Easy Mobile Payments”. There, now you’re ready to spot your friends.

How do I register?


  • Enter your South African cell phone number
  • Enter the OTP sent to you
  • Personalise your account with a photo
  • Fill in your name, surname, ID number (or passport) and email address

What do I need to register on SPOT?

To register an account on Spot you’ll need to enter your cell phone number, name, surname, email address, and ID/ passport number. Nothing else. Virgin Money Spot only works on Android and iOS smartphones.

Can I use Virgin Money Spot on more than one device, like a tablet?

No. You can only use one device. It makes it more secure for you.

How does referral work?

Referring a friend is easy. You can share your referral code or send them a ‘Pay a friend’ SMS. If they register (and have used your referral code) then you will both earn R30. Referral rewards are only valid for 7 days from sending, so be sure to remind your friends to subscribe within the 7-day timeframe.

Is there a limit to how much money I can earn from referrals?

Nope. Make as much moola as you want by inviting more friends.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

No, you can refer as many people as you like. But remember, if the person you refer doesn’t use your referral code then you won’t earn your referral fee

How do I top-up my spot wallet?

You can top-up your SPOT Wallet using your online enabled card or by doing a bank transfer. To top-up using a card, simply link your card (remember you need to go through a 3D Secure process – learn more here) and top-up your Spot Wallet. The money will be available in your account instantly. To top-up by bank transfer you need to login to your bank account, add Spot as a beneficiary and pay your chosen amount to the bank details provided in the app. A bank transfer (or EFT) can take 1 to 2 business days to become available in your Spot Wallet.

How do I cash-out my SPOT wallet?

To cash-out your Spot Wallet you need to add your bank account details on the app. You can do this under the settings menu or add it when you’re completing the cash-out process. You will need to have a valid ID number or passport number saved on the app to successfully complete a Spot Wallet cash-out.

What’s is 3D secure?

This is one of the security efforts mandated by the Cards Association. It makes online transactions more secure by checking that the person using the card owns the card. It requests information after the card has been loaded for payment that only the cardholder would know, like an OTP sent to the cardholder’s cell phone.

3D Secure is administered by banks, so Virgin Money Spot has no control over the process. Visit

Which cards are supported?

South African Debit, cheque and credit cards that can be used for online transactions and that can complete 3D Secure processes.

If you’re having difficulties loading your card, speak to your bank and ask for internet transactions and/or 3D Secure to be enabled on your card.

This article explains the difference between internet transacting and 3D Secure capability, and tells you how to have these features enabled at your bank.

Can I load more than one card or bank account on SPOT?

No, you can only have one card or bank account (for cash-outs) linked at a time on the app. You can unlink a card or bank account. You can also change or update your card or bank account details. You can top-up your Spot Wallet from any bank account.

How much does it cost to Spot someone?

Spotting someone is free.

My friend isn’t registered for Spot. Can I still send them money?

Of course. Your friend will get an SMS with a unique link that will do one of two things.

  • If they’re an iOS or Android user, they’ll be sent to the applicable store to download the app.
  • If they’re neither an iOS or Android user, they’ll be sent to a mobile site to claim their funds.

When will my friend see the money in their account?

Payments to your friend will be instantly available in your friend’s wallet. This is the case whether you pay them from your Spot Wallet or your linked card.

Is there a limit to how much money I can send?

Yes, you can send up to R2,000 daily, and R10,000 monthly. You cannot transact more than these limits.

How do I know my friend got the money?

You’ll receive an email notification from Virgin Money Spot the moment you make a payment. Depending on the banks you are with this may take around 1 to 2 working days. You can also view the status of your transaction within the app. One black tick means your payment has been made but not received. Two blue ticks mean the payment has been successful and funds will settle in 1 to 2 working days.

Is it safe to use Virgin Money Spot?

Definitely. We use the highest level of encryption and authentication mechanisms to keep your personal information secret.

How can I safeguard my Spot account?

Our golden rule: never share your pin. With anyone. Even our employees.

Can anyone use Virgin Money Spot?

Anyone who has a valid South African cellphone number, an active South African bank account, or an internet banking capable debit, cheque or credit card can use Virgin Money Spot

Does my money live in the Virgin Money Spot app?

Yes. The app is an ewallet and all your rewards get paid into your wallet.

Why haven’t I received a verification code?

There may be network problems or you may have entered a wrong number. If you still don’t receive a code, speak to our customer support team on

If I accidentally Spot the wrong person can I cancel or reverse the transaction?

No. The best thing to do would be to contact the person you mistakenly sent the money to and ask them to send it back.

Always double-check that you’re Spotting the right friend before confirming the payment.

What must I do if I forget my pin?

If you’re logged into the app, just select Account Settings and then Forgot PIN from the menu. If you’re not logged in, you need to log in and then click Forgot PIN when you’re asked to enter it. If there’s anything else we can help you with please give us a shout at

Can I use my linked card to pay money to friends or into my own wallet?

Yes you most certainly can. You have a choice of using your linked card or bank account to make payments.

Can I choose for the money to go into my account instead of my wallet?

No, all payments and rewards are paid into your wallet and you’ll need to cash out by linking your bank account.

Is there a charge to cash out funds from my wallet?

No, there is zero charge.

Can I pay someone using SPOT if their card is not internet enabled?

Yes, you can pay into their wallet and they can use their linked bank account to cash out.

What do I need to put under NAME when adding a card?

You need to insert the name that appears on the front of your card.

Why am I being charged R3 when I link my card?

When you link your card to Spot we do a pre-authorisation on your card. The pre-authorisation amount is just a check to verify that your card is compatible with the app. This means we can keep your card linked to the app so that you can use it multiple times without having to enter your card information each time you want to make a payment.  Not to worry, we don’t store your card information on our side, it is tokenised and saved with a bank approved payment gateway.

What do I do when it says authentication service currently down?

We authenticate all cards when you link your card to the Spot app. We make use of banking and payment gateway services to do this. These services do sometimes experience technical issues and may not always be available. The best thing to do is to give it an hour and try again.

Why am I not receiving my OTP when linking my card?

There’s a few potential reasons why you’re not receiving your OTP. Your bank sends the OTP required to link your card using 3D Secure. Please check which phone number your OTP is being sent to by your bank. Another potential reason could be a slow cell phone network. It’s important to remember that OTPs are only valid for 60 seconds. So, if you have asked for the OTP to be resent more than once please use the last OTP you received.

If none of that works you could always try switching your phone off and on again. That generally does the trick .

Why do I need to add my ID number on the app?

Spot is a secure payment application. We dislike fraudsters and charlatans that want to steal your hard-earned money. To make sure all our customers are secure we need to verify that you are who you say you are. That means that we need to FICA your wallet, the same way a bank would FICA you to open a bank account

How long does it take for my cash-out to reach my bank account?

When you complete a cash-out on your Spot Wallet you are basically doing a bank transfer (EFT) to your bank account. This means that a cash-out takes the same amount of time as a regular EFT to reach your bank account. This generally means 1-2 business days.

Does SPOT charge any fees?

No, Virgin Money Spot is free for private customers. There are no charges involved.

How do I pay a friend?

All you need to do is press the SPOT button on the app and select the Pay Contact option. You can then select a contact from your “Friends on Spot” list or enter their phone number directly in the contact field. Payments to your friends will be instantly available in their wallet. If a friend you want to pay is not already registered on Spot then remember to Refer them and you can both earn a reward.

Can I pay someone directly from my card?

Yes, you can pay money directly to a friend’s Spot Wallet from your linked card. The money will appear in their Spot Wallet instantly.

Can I pay someone directly from a bank transfer?

No, you will need to top-up your Spot Wallet before paying a friend if you are using a bank transfer. But, you can top-up a friend’s Spot Wallet if you use their top-up Reference when doing a bank transfer to the Spot bank account.

What payment limits exist on SPOT?

There is no limit to the top-up or cash-out amounts you can request on Spot. You will, however, need to complete a FICA process. You can send a maximum of R2 000 per day to friends and a maximum of R10 000 per month.

There is no limit to how much you can pay a merchant. If paying a merchant using your card in the app, then your limit is the same as your online transaction limit. Naturally, you will need a sufficient balance in your Spot Wallet to cover the full amount of any payment you want to make.

How do I pay a store or online retailer?

Virgin Money has partnered with some exceptional retailers. To pay at any partner store all you need to do is open the app, select the “Pay a merchant” option and scan the QR code they provide. You can choose to pay using your Spot Wallet or a linked card, but you will need to make sure you have sufficient money in whichever account you choose to pay with.

What happens if someone I can doesn’t register on SPOT?

Well, your friend will be missing out on using the best payment app ever. More importantly you will get your money paid back to your Spot Wallet in 7 days. We hold money for 7 days, to give a non-registered user a fair chance to register.

Does my bank transfer top-up reference ever change?

No, your reference will never change. Once you have Spot setup as a beneficiary on your bank account there is no need to change the reference every time you top-up your wallet by bank transfer.

Do referral awards expire?

All referral reward offers expire in 7 days once the referral is sent. This means the friends you invite have 7 days to subscribe to Spot in order for you both to earn the R30 reward.

How do I check who I have referred?

There are two separate ways you can refer a friend. You can use the “Refer a friend & we will pay you both R30” button on the transaction page or you can share your referral code, which you can find under the Refer & Earn menu.

You can only see people you have referred if you use the “Refer a friend & we will pay you both R30” referral. People you refer will be added to your transaction list. When referred you will only see their phone number. Once they register you will see their name and you will both be paid R30 to your Spot Wallet.

You will not be able to see how many people you have referred using your referral code. But you will see how many people have registered as you will automatically receive the R30 reward in your Spot Wallet if they register. You can see who registered by viewing the details page on the Spot Gift transaction page.

How does Request Pay work?

Virgin Money Spot lets you request money from friends by sending them a Payment Request in the app. You can add how much you want to request and a reason for the request. It’s up to the person you’re requesting the money from to accept or decline the request. Requests don’t expire, so your friend will see the request on their payment list until they accept or decline it. You’ll be able to see if they accept it, decline it or if it’s still pending (which is what you see if they take no action).

If a payment Request is accepted, it’ll be paid into your Spot Wallet.

What is Group Pay?

Group Pay is a feature that lets you add more than one friend onto a Payment Request. You can add up to 30 people to a Group and request money from some or all of the people on the Group. You need to enter the total amount that you’re owed on the Group, but you can choose which people on the group to send the request to and you can choose to split the requested money equally or differently for each person.

Can you create more than one payment request on a group?

Yes, you can create as many payment requests on a group as you choose.

Can any group member create a payment request?

Yes, any member of a group can create request, select some or all other members on the group to request money from and choose to split the amount equally or differently.

How do I exit a group?

You can Leave a group by opening the group on your transaction list, clicking on the group icon in the top right corner of the app and pressing the “leave group” button. The button is located at the bottom of the page, so you’ll need to scroll all the way down. The group won’t disappear from your transaction list, but you will no longer receive requests from other group members.

Can I add people to an existing group?

Yes, you can add a user to an existing Group. Open the group on your transaction list, click on the group icon in the top right corner of the app and select the “add participants” link. You can only add users from your list of existing Friends on Spot.

Does SPOT use blockchain?

Yes, Spot uses blockchain technology to securely record transactions in Spot Wallets. It means that we need to keep all money in all Spot Wallets securely so that we can cash-out Spot Wallets on requests. It’s an incredibly secure and transparent way for us to assure your Spot Wallet money is yours. It’s important to know that Spot is not a cryptocurrency like BitCoin or Ether.

Why do I have to re-register if I accidentally get logged out of the app?

You don’t. If you log out of the app you will need to login again and re-verify your phone number. That’s it… no need to add your name or other personal details again.

I don’t have a smart phone, can I use a laptop?

No, unfortunately not. Spot only works on Android and iOS smartphones.

How do I delete/unsubscribe from the APP (removing all my details)?

There a few steps you need to follow to unsubscribe from the app and ensure that all your data is successfully removed. The first thing you need to do is to unlink your card and bank account information in the Setting section of the app. You can then logout of the app. To have your account closed and all your personal data removed please send an email to with an explicit request to cancel your subscription and remove your personal information from the system.

How do I reverse a transaction?

You can’t. Once you make a payment you can’t reverse it from your side. The best thing to do is to request the money back via the Request feature. To escalate a payment issue contact for assistance.

What is a CVV number?

Your CVV number is the 3-digit number on the back of your VISA or MasterCard. Amex cards have a 4-digit number. To successfully link your card to the app you need to add your CVV in addition to the name, card number and expiry date on the card.

I’m getting an odd error message, what does it mean?

There are a few common error messages that you may receive on the app. See a few of these listed below. If the error you are getting isn’t listed here please contact one of our support agents on for some help.

Error messages:

  • Phone is rooted (specific to Android devices)

Spot only works on Android devices that have not been rooted. You can unroot your device by downloading the SuperSU app from your app store. Once downloaded and installed, go to the settings tab and select full unroot. To find out more about unrooting your device, you can check out one of the examples at

  • Unable to find UUID

Your UUID or Universally Unique Identifier is basically a unique device ID that every phone has. Spot needs to have the UUID to be able to send notifications and identify a device linked to one or more accounts. If you have not rooted your device try restarting your phone and try to install the app again. Alternatively, if your phone has been rooted, follow the same steps described in the rooted phone error message explanation.

  • OTP entered too many times, account blocked

Your bank sends you an OTP when you try to link your card on the app. If you enter an incorrect OTP too many times your account will be blocked as a security measure. Each bank has a separate set of rules for managing OTPs. You need to contact your bank to unblock the card. You can then log back into the app and try again.

  • Unable to verify my account

There are several reasons why we are unable to verify your account. The most common of these are:

  • Your bank card is not 3D secure enabled with your bank
  • Your card is 3D Secure or Internet Enabled with your bank but there may be
    • Insufficient funds to do a pre-authorisation
    • Your bank has set your online shopping limit to R0.00 (this is particularly relevant for Capitec cards)
    • Your bank has not enabled recurring payments as a feature on your debit card (this is particularly relevant for Capitec cards)